Lawriter - OAC - 3769-13-02 Exotic wagering and entries.

3769-13-02 Exotic wagering and entries.

(A) "Exotic wagering" is defined as any betting or wagering that is separate and distinct from the win, place and show pools. Types of exotic wagering include but are not limited to daily double, quinella, perfecta, and trifecta pools. Types of exotic wagering not covered by these rules may be instituted by the permit holder for a trial period of six months or longer from the initial wagering day of the experimental exotic pool, only after the submission of written rules to the commission, accompanied by a full explanation, and only after the commission's interim approval thereof. Upon final approval by the racing commission and incorporation into these official rules, any permit holder may use such exotic wagering without further permission. Permit holders may not vary from the final approved rule without express approval of the commission.

(B) From each exotic pool, there shall be deducted twenty-two and one half per cent; the remainder being the net pool for distribution, less breakage.

(C) Exotic wagering shall be conducted only by use of automatic mechanical, electric or electronic devices which print and issue tickets evidencing individual wagers and either locally print a permanent record of the tickets issued by each machine or transmit by automatic mechanical, electric, or electronic means the total number dollar value of such tickets for registry on a central aggregating device; and no such aggregating device shall be cleared of the figures so registered until the commission's representative then on duty shall have had a reasonable opportunity to record such figures.

(D) Unless prohibited by the racing commission for a specific type of exotic wagering, all entries as defined in paragraph (C) of rule 3769-11-25 of the Administrative Code and all field horses as defined in rule 3769-11-11 of the Administrative Code may race coupled as one wagering interest in any exotic pool, provided they are likewise classified for win, place and show wagering. Horses owned by different interests but trained by the same trainer may race uncoupled as separate wagering interests. No trainer may have more then two betting interests in any one race other than a stakes race.

(E) In all exotic pools, if two or more horses are coupled in an entry or field as one wagering interest, there shall be no refunds on such interest unless all of the horses so coupled are excused before off time. Contrary to win, place, show, and dead heat payoff calculations where two or more parts of a field or entry may participate, all exotic pool calculations must use separate wagering interests in determining proper payoff combinations. If two or more field or entry horses finish in payoff positions, the highest placed position takes precedence.

(F) In any rule of Chapter 3769-13 of the Administrative Code where an example of exotic pool payout or priority of payout is given such as (1-2-3) or (1-2-3-all), the "1" is defined as the horse placed first, "2" the horse placed second, "3" the horse placed third, and "4" the horse placed fourth in the official order of finish regardless of initial post position, head number or saddle cloth. In any exotic pool where a payoff includes the "all" condition such as 1-2-3-all or 1-2-all, the word "all" is defined as all horses or entries, other than those already participating in the payoff, which started the subject race regardless of whether they failed to finish for any reason, were declared a non-starter for equipment failure or other reason or were disqualified or placed back for a rule violation.

(G) In any exotic form of wagering in which a carryover pool is generated, there must be a mandatory distribution of such carryover jackpot on the "final day of the meeting" as defined in paragraph (I) of this rule. In addition, the permit holder after written application to, and with the express approval of the racing commission, may schedule additional "mandatory payout" days. Such mandatory distribution days may be based on (a) a specified size of carryover jackpot; (b) a fixed number of days between mandatory payout; or (c) a fixed number of days between mandatory payout with a guaranteed minimum payout. A full explanation of the method used in determining and scheduling such additional mandatory payout days shall be well advertised and available to the public.

(H) If a carryover jackpot under paragraph (G) of this rule is won before a scheduled, advertised mandatory distribution, the permit holder will still proceed with a mandatory distribution on the scheduled date. The mandatory distribution will be guaranteed at no less than the advertised amount. If the mandatory distribution carryover pool is less than the advertised approved amount, permit holders will add whatever funds are necessary to guarantee that the winner will receive a total payoff of no less than the specified amount after commissions (multiple winners would share a payoff of no less than the approved amount after commissions).

(I) For all exotic carryover jackpots "final day of the meeting" shall mean:

(1) The last scheduled racing date under the permit holder's permit, unless another permit is scheduled to commence within twenty-one days at the same facility and the other permit holder has agreed to continue the carryover pool; or,

(2) The last scheduled racing date (under a permit holder's permit) before a scheduled hiatus of more than twenty-one days.

(J) If, on the final day of the meeting, a carryover pool cannot be distributed because of the specific rules for that particular exotic wager or race or program cancellation or any other reason approved by the judges, it shall be invested on the next business day in an account, bearing interest at no less than the average rate available locally. The accumulated carryover jackpot, plus such interest as has accrued, shall be carried over to the next subsequent racing date and thereon distributed in a mandatory payoff of the same type exotic wager.

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