Lawriter - OAC - 3769-15-29 Qualifying races.

3769-15-29 Qualifying races.

(A) At all extended parimutuel meetings, declarations for overnight events shall be governed by the following:

(1) Before being declared in, a horse that has not raced previously at the gait chosen must go a qualifying race under the supervision of a judge and acquire at least one charted line by a licensed charter. In order to provide complete and accurate chart information on time and beaten lengths, a standard photo finish shall be used.

(2) A horse that does not show a charted line for the previous season, or a charted line within its last six starts, must go a qualifying race as set forth in paragraph (A)(1) of this rule. Uncharted races contested in heats or more than one dash and consolidated according to paragraph (A)(4) of this rule will be considered one start.

(3) A horse that does not show a satisfactory charted line in the last forty-five days must go in a qualifying race as set forth in paragraph (A)(1) of this rule.

(4) When a horse has raced at a charted meeting during the current season and then started at meetings where the races are not charted, the information from the uncharted races may be summarized including each start, and consolidated in favor of charted lines and the requirements of paragraph (A)(2) of this rule would then not apply.

(5) The consolidated line shall carry date, place, time, driver, finish, track condition and distance if race is not at one mile.

(6) The judges may require any horse that has been on the stewards' list to go a qualifying race. If a horse has raced in individual time not meeting the qualifying standards for that class of horses, he may be required to go a qualifying race.

(7) The judges may permit a fast-class horse to qualify by means of a timed workout consistent with the time of the races in which he will compete in the event adequate competition is not available for a qualifying race. These shall be limited to free-for-all preferred or invitational class horses.

(8) To enable a horse to qualify, qualifying races should be held at least one week prior to the opening of any race meeting and shall be scheduled at least twice a week. At least twice a week, unless consent is given by the Ohio harness horsemen's association for less.

(B) If a horse takes a win race record in a qualifying race, such record must be prefaced with the letter "Q" wherever it appears, except in a case where, immediately prior to or following the race, the horse taking the record has been given an approved urine or blood test. It will be the responsibility of the presiding judge to report the test on the judges' sheet.

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