3769-16-19 Claiming rules for scratched horse, blood test, conditions, registration.

(A) No horse may be claimed from a claiming race unless said horse is declared a starter.

(B) Blood sample procedure if horse is claimed. In the event a horse is claimed, a blood sample may be taken by a licensed veterinarian, and the sample identified as being from the claimed horse shall be forwarded within twenty-four hours to an approved laboratory to be tested for equine infectious anemia. Pending the receipt of a negative test for equine infectious anemia, the money paid for the claimed horse shall be held by the track. In the event of a positive test for equine infectious anemia, the ownership of the claimed horse shall revert to the owner from whom the horse was claimed and the claiming money shall be returned to the person or persons who claimed the horse. The cost of the test is to be borne by the claimant. The test may be waived by the claimant at his discretion by so indicating on the claiming slip.

(C) Claiming conditions. If sexes are mixed, mares shall be given a price allowance, provided, however, that there shall be no price allowance given to a spayed mare racing in a claiming race.

(D) Minimum price. No claiming races shall be offered permitting claims for less than the minimum purse offered at that time during the same racing week.

(E) Determination of claiming price. No horse owner shall be prohibited from determining the price for which his horse shall be entered.

(F) The trainer or authorized agent entering a horse in a claiming race warrants that he/she has authorization from the registered owner or owners to enter said horse in a claiming race for the designated amount. In the event of a claim, the owner or owners or authorized agent shall submit a signed registration or transfer application to the judges prior to receiving proceeds from the claim.

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Statutory Authority: 3769.03
Rule Amplifies: 3769.03
Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/1985, 10/14/1988, 4/1/1999, 5/7/2001