3769-16-25 Recall rules.

In case of a recall, a light plainly visible to the drivers shall be flashed and a recall sounded, but the starting gate shall proceed out of the path of the horses. At commercial parimutuel tracks, in the case of a recall, wherever possible, the starter shall leave the wings of the gate extended and gradually slow the speed of the gate to assist in stopping the field of horses. In an emergency, however, the starter shall use his discretion to close the wings of the gate.

(A) There shall be no recall after the word "go" has been given unless there is a mechanical failure of the starting gate. Any horse, regardless of his position or an accident, shall be deemed a starter from the time he entered into the starter's control unless dismissed by the starter.

(B) Breaking horses. The starter shall endeavor to get all horses away in position and on gait but there shall be no recall for a breaking horse.

(C) The starter may sound a recall only for the following reasons:

(1) A horse scores ahead of the gate;

(2) There is interference;

(3) A horse has broken equipment;

(4) A horse falls before the word "go" is given;

(5) A mechanical failure of the starting gate;

(6) A horse comes to the gate out of position.

(D) In the event a horse causes two recalls, it shall be an automatic ruling of the judges that the offending horse be scratched and a mutuel refund ordered.

(E) Horses not up to the gate in position due to the fault of the driver may result in the driver being penalized by the starter as provided by rule 3769-16-26 of the Administrative Code.

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