Lawriter - OAC - 3769-2-18 Applications for licenses.

3769-2-18 Applications for licenses.

(A) Applications for licenses or reciprocal validations shall be made on a form prepared by the commission. The form shall be available on request and when submitted, fully completed, shall be accompanied by the required fee as stipulated in rule 3769-2-24 of the Administrative Code. No one shall be employed in any capacity unless they have been licensed. Each such license, unless revoked or suspended for cause, shall be for the period of one year from January first of the year in which the same shall be issued; except that, the commission may, through the state steward, cause a temporary license to be issued which will be valid for entering and racing pending administrative processing and final action by the commission on such license application. In no event shall such temporary license be considered valid later than thirty days after its issuance.

During the racing season, all applications shall be submitted to the steward for approval, except that all employees of the permit holder and concessions must have their applications approved by their department head prior to submittal to the steward. When approved by the stewards and signed by at least one of them, the application shall be forwarded to the commission representative for licensing. If the stewards reject or table any applications, they shall report such actions to the commission.

(1) All applications for licenses shall carry the full name and permanent address of the applicant with street or rural route number and zip code. No temporary address of any kind will be acceptable, unless the applicant shall affirm that they have no permanent address.

(2) If a licensee changes his/her address or telephone number at any time during the licensing year, it shall be the licensee's responsibility to notify the ohio state racing commission of said change within fifteen days of the change.

(3) Any person who violates paragraph (A)(1) of this rule shall be subject to the penalties as provided in rule 3769-2-99 of the administrative code.

(B) A corporation, association, partnership or a trust when it files an application for a license shall also provide the following:

(1) A list of all officers, directors and stockholders or partners (both general and limited) with their names, addresses and occupations. If the stock is publicly traded, then only the names, addresses and occupations of the officers, directors and owners of ten per cent or more of the stock need be given;

(2) Any other pertinent information requested by the commission. If any other corporation or partnership owns ten per cent or more of the licensee, it shall file same information. If the licensee is a concessionaire of the permit holder, it shall file a copy of its current lease or concession agreement.

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