3769-2-23 License qualifications for trainer and assistant trainer and horseshoer.

(A) Each trainer, or assistant trainer or horseshoer desiring a license shall make application for same in writing on a form provided by the commission. The assistant trainer shall have the same qualifications as a trainer. Upon satisfactory completion of this application form, all trainer or assistant trainer applicants must provide written proof they have worked as a groom or in some other type of apprentice capacity for a minimum of two years prior to applying for a trainer or assistant trainer license. After providing proof of the required two years of groom or apprentice training and after having satisfactorily completed the application form, each trainer and assistant trainer shall take the examinations and/or tests required by the Ohio state racing commission. Satisfactory passing of the required test shall qualify the applicant to be licensed.

(B) No trainer or assistant trainer license will be issued to an applicant until said applicant is designated by the owner or trainer as the trainer of a horse eligible to race in a parimutuel race in Ohio.

(C) The applicant shall state his or her full name and address, age, and whether or not he or she is, at time of application, under suspension, set down or ruled off or otherwise ineligible for licensing in any jurisdiction. The applicant shall also set forth in said application such other information or data concerning his or her past record, experience and qualifications as may be required by the commission. The applicant shall sign the application and may be required to affirm the truth of all statements therein before a notary public.

(D) An applicant for a trainer or assistant trainer license may be issued an Ohio license without complying with paragraph (A) of this rule provided, he or she had held a valid license in the same category from another state or other racing jurisdiction, which requires competency testing or similar qualifications, or from which state or other racing jurisdiction the applicant obtains a written statement of his or her competence from a state steward in said state or jurisdiction.

(E) A licensed assistant trainer shall assume the same duties and responsibilities as imposed on the holder of a trainer's license. The licensed trainer shall be jointly responsible with his or her assistant trainer involving a racing matter.

(F) An applicant for a horseshoer license shall provide written proof he or she had completed an apprenticeship lasting a minimum of one year and pass any test or examination required by the commission. These requirements may be waived by the commission, provided the applicant has held a valid license issued in any jurisdiction that requires competency testing or similar qualifications for horseshoer applicants; or obtained from a state steward in another jurisdiction a written statement certifying the applicant's competence as a horseshoer.

(G) Each trainer, assistant trainer, or horseshoer must provide workers' compensation coverage in accordance with Ohio law for all of his or her employees who are connected with racing and upon request of the commission the applicant for such licenses must provide satisfactory proof of such coverage.

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Statutory Authority: 3769.03
Rule Amplifies: 3769.03
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