3769-3-01 Win, place, show wagering and entries.

(A) The horse racing act legalizes and permits the parimutuel form of wagering in Ohio but only on the premises of permit holders. Wagering may be in several distinct pools; namely, on horses to finish first, which is designated the "win" pool; on horses to finish first or second, which is designated the "place" pool; and on horses to finish first, second, or third which is designated the "show" pool. Any other type of pool is called an "exotic pool."

(B) From each win, place, and show pool at any race track conducting parimutuel wagering, there shall be deducted eighteen per cent. The remainder, less breakage, shall be the net pool for distribution.

(C) All horses from the same stable or of the same ownership engaged in the same race must race as an entry and a single wagering interest unless otherwise permitted by the commission. However, when a trainer enters more than one horse of different ownership in any type race the horses may be uncoupled as an entry and considered to be separate betting interests. No trainer may have more than two betting interests in any one race other than a stakes race. In all win, place, and show pools, if two or more horses in a race are coupled as an entry or field in one betting interest, there shall be no refunds, unless all of the horses so coupled are excused before off time.

(D) All pools shall be calculated in accordance with the accepted practice in the calculation of mutuel pools as herein provided.

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Prior Effective Dates: 3/16/70, 1/1/95, 4/3/86, 5/21/90, 9/5/94