Lawriter - OAC - 3769-4-13 Maintain ambulance.

3769-4-13 Maintain ambulance.

(A) Every commercial permit holder shall furnish and maintain at least one ambulance for human use, staffed with two or more qualified emergency medical technicians and/or paramedics. Such ambulance shall be properly and fully equipped to include a defibrillator and such other equipment as directed from time to time by order of the commission, licensed to operate on public highways, and ready for immediate duty during training and racing hours and until the day's program is completed. Said ambulance shall be located at a point on the permit holder's premises where IT can respond to all calls in the shortest possible time, and shall be prepared and licensed to transport an injured person(s) when necessary from the racetrack facility directly to a hospital or other emergency medical treatment facility located off the grounds of the racetrack. During the running of the race, unless otherwise directed by the stewards due to weather conditions or other extraordinary circumstances, the ambulance shall follow the field until the conclusion of the race.

(B) Every commercial permit holder shall furnish and maintain at least one horse ambulance properly equipped and placed at a location on the permit holder's premises so as to be able to respond to a call in the shortest possible time. This ambulance shall be available for the duration of the meeting.

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