Lawriter - OAC - 3769-4-42 Objections.

3769-4-42 Objections.

(A) All objections shall be made to the stewards and may be withdrawn only with permission of the stewards. Objections relating to a horse engaged in a race may be made by the owners, trainers, or jockeys of other horses engaged in the race or by officials of the meeting. All objections, except claims of foul or interference during a race, must be in writing and lodged with the stewards within twenty-four hours after the running of the race in question. If there is expense involved in investigating the objection, the stewards may require a reasonable deposit not to exceed five hundred dollars. If the objection is sustained, the deposit shall be returned after deduction of the expense of investigation unless the stewards relieve the objector of this expense. A deposit shall be declared forfeited by the stewards if the objection should prove to be frivolous or vexatious. All forfeited deposits shall be treated in the same manner as fines.

(B) One or more outriders shall be equipped with a radio, for direct contact with the stewards, so that any jockey who intends to file an objection regarding a claim of foul or interference during a race shall do so immediately without waiting until he/she has returned to the dismounting area.

(C) Any outrider who receives an objection from a jockey shall immediately report the objection to the stewards.

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