Lawriter - OAC - 3769-7-14 Apprentice jockey.

3769-7-14 Apprentice jockey.

(A) .Before an apprentice jockey license is granted, the commission, or a board of stewards acting in its behalf, shall ascertain that the applicant has suitable qualifications and aptitude to hold an apprentice jockey's license and that applicant has not been previously licensed as a jockey under any jurisdiction.

(B) Upon compliance with these requirements, the commission may issue an apprentice jockey certificate allowing the holder to claim this allowance in overnight races only.

(1) An apprentice jockey shall ride with a five-pound weight allowance beginning with his/her first mount and for one full year from the date of his/her fifth winning mount.

(2) If, after riding one full year from the date of his/her fifth winning mount, the apprentice jockey has not ridden forty winners, the applicable weight allowance shall continue for one more year or until the fortieth winner, whichever comes first. In no event may a weight allowance be claimed for more than two years from the date of the fifth winning mount, unless an extension has been granted.

(3) The commission may extend the weight allowance of an apprentice jockey when, in the discretion of the commission, the apprentice provides proof of incapacitation for a period of seven or more consecutive days. The allowance may be claimed for a period not to exceed the period such apprentice was unable to ride.

(4) The apprentice jockey must have their apprentice certificate with them at all times and must keep an updated record of their first forty winners. Prior to riding, the certificate must be submitted to the clerk of scales, who will record the apprentice's winning mounts.

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