Lawriter - OAC - 3769-7-23 Jockey agent.

3769-7-23 Jockey agent.

(A) Each jockey agent shall be licensed by the commission and shall be permitted to make the riding engagements of two riders only, one journeyman and one apprentice or two journeymen. No jockey agent shall make or assist in the making of any engagements for any rider other than those they are licensed to represent. Each jockey agent shall keep, on a form provided by the permit holder, a record by races of all engagements made by them of the riders they represent. This record must be kept up-to-date and held ready at all times for inspection by the stewards. If any jockey agent gives up the making of engagements for any rider, they shall immediately notify the stewards and they shall also turn over to the stewards a list of any unfilled engagements they may have made for that rider. A jockey agent may not drop a rider without notifying the stewards in writing. All rival claims for the services of a rider will be adjudged by the stewards.

(B) When an owner or trainer engages the services of a jockey through a jockey agent, they must specify whether they have first or second call. Such call must be declared at the time of entry.

(C) Before each day's entries are taken, jockey agents are required to file their first and second calls in each race in the racing secretary's office with a person designated by the stewards. If, during the time entries are being taken, an agent should lose or pick up a call, they shall immediately add these calls to the one previously filed.

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Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/85