Lawriter - OAC - 3769-7-32 Jockey suspension.

3769-7-32 Jockey suspension.

(A) If a jockey is suspended for any reason other than fraud or attempted fraud, he shall complete the day's engagements unless the stewards rule otherwise. A jockey under suspension in any state or foreign country shall not be permitted to ride and shall be denied access to the grounds during the period of their suspension.

(B) The stewards appointed for a race meeting shall immediately, prior to the commencement of that meeting, designate the stakes, futurities or futurity trials or other races in which a jockey will be permitted to compete, notwithstanding the fact that such jockey is technically under suspension for ten days or less for a riding infraction at the time the designated race is to be run.

(1) Official rulings for riding infractions of ten days or less shall state: "The term of this suspension shall not prohibit participation in designated races."

(2) A listing of the designated races shall be posted in the jockeys' room and any other such place deemed appropriate by the stewards.

(3) A suspended jockey must be named at time of entry to participate in any designated race.

(4) A day in which a jockey participated in only one designated race while on suspension shall count as a suspension day. If a jockey participates in more than one designated race on a suspension day his/her suspension shall be extended one day.

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