Lawriter - OAC - 3770-4-02 Issuance of licenses, products and equipment.

3770-4-02 Issuance of licenses, products and equipment.

(A) Authorization of sales agent. Each license issued to a sales agent authorizes that sales agent to conduct business at the address on the face of the license. A sales agent may not conduct lottery sales at other locations unless authorized by the director. A separate license shall be required for each location at which a sales agent is authorized to sell games. Games may not be sold at locations outside the state of Ohio.

(B) Licenses nontransferable. No license may be transferred to another person. If the control of a sales agent location changes, the new owner may apply to the director for a license pursuant to the rules and regulations set forth herein.

(C) Change of sales agent's location. If a sales agent moves from one location to another, games shall not be sold at the new location. The director may authorize transfer of the license to the sales agent's new location after considering all information concerning the sales agent's new location as required when making an initial application for a license at that location.

(D) Temporary and renewal of licenses. The director shall establish procedures for temporary licenses and renewal of licenses. Any temporary license shall expire on the expiration date shown on its face, which shall not be more than one year from the date of the temporary license is issued.

(E) Issuance of products and equipment. The director may issue products and equipment to sales agents through assigned sales representatives, courier or delivery services, or any other methods as determined by the director.

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