Lawriter - OAC - 3770:1-7-43 Game number forty-three.

3770:1-7-43 Game number forty-three.

(A) Title and term. Ohio lottery commission game number forty-three, "Silver Lining," shall be conducted at such times and for such periods as the commission may determine. For the purpose of this rule, "sales cycle" shall mean any such period beginning on the date when ticket sales are commenced and continuing through the date established by the director as the date on which agents are to make their final settlement in respect to tickets allocated to them during the period in game number forty-three.

(B) General design.

(1) Game number forty-three is a lottery game of the type generally known as "instant lottery."

(2) As used in this rule, "prize award" shall mean one of the following monetary amounts: free ticket, two dollars, five dollars, twenty-five dollars, fifty dollars, and one hundred thousand dollars. Each ticket in game number forty-three shall be imprinted with six prize awards, from the set listed above. The purchaser of the ticket will remove the block of scratch off covering the game play data.

The purchaser of the ticket will rub the scratch off to reveal six prize amounts. If any prize is found to appear three times when the scratch off is removed, the player will win that prize. No prize amounts will appear more than three times on a single ticket. No ticket will contain two sets of three matches.

(3) After any given sales cycle in game number forty-three, prizes called "grand drawing prizes" shall be awarded in a single drawing called a "grand prize drawing." All holders of valid winning tickets winning prizes of a free ticket may become eligible to be selected to participate in the grand prize drawing by complying with the special claim, entry, receipt and validation requirements of this rule, and with all other applicable requirements of the rules of the commission, the regulations of the director, and the procedures established by the director.

(C) Price of tickets. The price of a ticket issued by the commission in game number forty-three shall be one dollar.

(D) Structure, nature and value of prize awards.

(1) There shall be two types of prizes in game number forty-three, namely, "regular prizes" and "grand drawing prizes."

(2) The only prizes which shall appear on a ticket in game number forty-three are free ticket, two dollars, five dollars, twenty-five dollars, fifty dollars, and one hundred thousand dollars.

The only way to win any of the regular prizes in game number forty-three is to rub off the scratch off to reveal six prize amounts. If any prize is found to appear three times, the player will win that amount.

(3) Eligible holders selected for the grand drawing shall be entitled to participate in such drawing, in which the following grand drawing prizes shall be awarded:

(a) One prize of one million dollars.

(b) One prize of forty thousand dollars; one prize of twenty thousand dollars; one prize of ten thousand dollars; six prizes of five thousand dollars; and forty prizes of one thousand dollars.

(E) Number of prize awards. The number of prize awards in any sales cycle of game number forty-three will depend upon the number of tickets sold during that cycle. Tickets shall be printed in accordance with this rule using random techniques in order that:

(1) Combinations winning each prize award are randomly distributed throughout all tickets printed in any given ticket issuance; and

(2) Mathematical reasoning indicates that over a sufficiently large number of tickets sold, the average number of winning tickets sold will be as follows:

(a) For each twenty-three million tickets sold, twelve tickets winning one hundred thousand dollars;

(b) For each one million tickets sold:

(i) Six hundred tickets winning fifty dollars;

(ii) One thousand five hundred tickets winning twenty-five dollars;

(iii) Twenty thousand tickets winning five dollars;

(iv) One hundred three thousand seven hundred fifty tickets winning two dollars;

(v) Fifty thousand tickets winning a free ticket.

(3) The number of grand drawing prizes shall be in accordance with paragraph (D)(3) of this rule.

(F) Frequency of prize drawings.

(1) The random imprinting of prize awards on all tickets issued in game number forty-three shall be accomplished in a manner which complies with the commission's rules and procedures authorized thereunder.

(2) When a ticket issued in game number forty-three is sold or deemed sold in accordance with this rule, and the covering material over any of the numbers has been removed, the holder shall be deemed to have drawn the numbers on that ticket which determine whether the holder is entitled to a regular prize. All regular prizes shall be deemed to be announced no later than the last day of the sales cycle of game number forty-three in which the ticket was sold.

(3) One grand drawing shall be held after each sales cycle of game number forty-three. The grand prize drawing shall be held on a date to be determined and announced by the director, which date shall be a reasonable period of time after the end of the sales cycle.

(G) Special claim, entry receipt and validation procedures. The director shall establish special entry, claim receipt and validation procedures, including procedures for validation by agents of tickets winning prizes which are to be paid by agents in accordance with these rules.

(H) Validity of tickets.

(1) A mechanical error in printing prize awards or other numbers on a ticket shall not automatically invalidate that ticket. To the extent feasible, the director shall establish procedures to advise the holder of any ticket on which information is incorrectly printed due to mechanical malfunction of correct information for the ticket. If it is not technically feasible to recover the information from the mechanically misprinted ticket, the director may declare the ticket void and the holder shall be entitled to a return of the ticket price, or a replacement ticket.

(2) In addition to, but not in limitation of, all other power and authority conferred on the director by the commission's rules, the director may declare a ticket in game number forty-three to be void if it is stolen, unissued, not sold or deemed not sold in accordance with commission rules; if it is illegible, mutilated, altered, counterfeit, misregistered, reconstituted, miscut, defective, printed or produced in error or incomplete; or if any portion of the "void if removed" number is exposed; or if the ticket fails any of the validation tests or procedures established by the director pursuant hereto. The commission's liability and responsibility, if any, for a ticket declared void is limited to the refund of the retail sales price of the ticket, or the issuance of a replacement.

(I) Director's conduct of game number forty-three.

(1) The director shall conduct game number forty-three in a manner consistent with the Lottery Act, the rules of the commission, including without limitation, this rule and the regulations of the director. As he deems it necessary or advisable, the director shall adopt management regulations, orders or directives to implement and operate this lottery game. The director shall inform the public of the provisions of this rule, and the procedures established pursuant hereto, which affect the play of game number forty-three.

(2) Names and definitions of elements of game number forty-three used in this rule are to be considered generic terms used solely for the purposes of this rule. In actual operations, game number forty-three and these elements may be given names or titles chosen by the commission.

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Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule authorized by: RC 3770.03
Rule amplifies: RC 3770.01 to 3770.08