3772 Casino Control Commission

Chapter 3772-1 General Provisions

Chapter 3772-2 Ohio Casino Control Commission

Chapter 3772-3 Institutional Investors

Chapter 3772-4 Casino Operator, Management Company, and Holding Company Licenses

Chapter 3772-5 Key Employee Licenses

Chapter 3772-6 Gaming-Related Vendor Licenses

Chapter 3772-7 Insurance

Chapter 3772-8 Casino Gaming Employee Licenses

Chapter 3772-9 Electronic Gaming Equipment

Chapter 3772-10 Internal Control Systems

Chapter 3772-11 Table Games

Chapter 3772-12 Voluntary Exclusion and Compulsive and Problem Gambling Plan Compliance Procedures

Chapter 3772-13 Advertising

Chapter 3772-14 Player Against Player Contests

Chapter 3772-15 Independent Testing Laboratories

Chapter 3772-17 Approval of Third-party Engineering and Accounting Firms

Chapter 3772-19 Surveillance

Chapter 3772-20 Security

Chapter 3772-21 Hearing Procedure

Chapter 3772-22 Disciplinary Actions

Chapter 3772-23 Involuntary Exclusion

Chapter 3772-29 Debt Transactions

Chapter 3772-50 Skill-based Amusement Machine

Chapter 3772-74 Fantasy Contests