3772-10-16 Security of the cashier's cage, main bank/vault and count rooms.

(A) Each casino operator licensee or applicant's internal controls shall detail the locations and functions of all casino cashiering areas, including each cashier's cage, main bank/vault, and count rooms.

(B) Each casino facility shall have a cashier's cage adjacent to the gaming floor, and the casino operator's internal controls shall detail the processes of that cage. The cage shall serve as the central location in the casino facility for:

(1) The custody of the cage inventory comprised of cash, cash equivalents, gaming chips, and the forms, documents and records normally associated with the functions of a cage;

(2) The issuance, receipt and reconciliation of imprest funds;

(3) The exchange of chips, currency, coin, vouchers, tickets and coupons;

(4) The approval, exchange, redemption and consolidation of patron checks received for the purposes of gaming;

(5) The receipt of currency, coupons, vouchers and tickets from the soft count room;

(6) The preparation and execution of bank deposits; and

(7) Any other industry standard functions for a cage.

(C) Each casino facility may also have one or more satellite cages separate and apart from the cashier's cage and may perform some of the functions of the cashier's cage. The functions and physical characteristics of the satellite cages shall be detailed in the casino operator's internal control plan.

(D) The cage, satellite cages and main bank/vault shall be designed and constructed to provide maximum security for the activities performed therein and shall be enclosed except for openings through which materials such as cash, records, and documents can be passed. The cages and main bank/vault shall have the following additional security features:

(1) Manually triggered silent alarm systems;

(2) Surveillance coverage; and

(3) A double-door entry and exit system (mantrap) that contains different locks on each door and will not permit a person to pass through the second door until the first door is securely locked. Each door of the mantrap shall be controlled by independent departments. The cage may have an emergency exit that does not have a mantrap.

(E) Each casino facility shall have count rooms to perform the slot and table games drop counts. Access to the count room during the count shall be restricted to members of the drop and count teams as identified in the casino operator licensee's internal controls. The soft count room shall provide maximum security, including the following:

(1) A metal door installed on each entrance and exit equipped with two separate locks and an alarm with audible signals that are activated whenever a door to the count room is opened unexpectedly;

(2) A lighting system which allows constant surveillance;

(3) Cameras and a microphone wired to the surveillance room capable of the following:

(a) Recording and monitoring of the entire count process; and

(b) Monitoring of the interior of the count room, including storage cabinets or trolleys used to store drop boxes; and

(4) A table that shall be known as the "count table" and which table's surface is constructed of clear glass or similar transparent material for the emptying, counting, and recording the contents of table drop boxes or bill validator canisters.

Effective: 05/12/2012
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 05/12/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3772.03
Rule Amplifies: 3772.03