3772-10-19 Drop box count procedures.

(A) Each casino operator's internal controls shall detail the count procedures for drop box counts.

(B) The bill validator canister and table game drop box count shall be performed by a minimum of three licensed employees, and these employees shall be rotated on a routine basis such that the count team is not consistently the same licensed employees for more than four days per week.

(C) The count shall be conducted by a count team that is independent of the cashier's cage and of the transactions being reviewed and counted. The reporting lines shall be included in the casino operator's internal control submission. All persons present in the count room during the counting process, except representatives of the commission and licensed security personnel shall wear as outer garments, only a full-length, one-piece, pocket-less garment with openings only for the arms, feet, and neck. No count person shall:

(1) Carry into the count room a bag or other container unless it is transparent;

(2) Remove his or her hands from or return them to a position on or above the count table unless the backs and palms of his or her hands are first held straight out and exposed to the view of other members of the count team and the surveillance camera; and

(3) Be allowed to exit or enter the count room during the count except for emergencies or scheduled breaks. At no time during the count shall there be fewer than three licensed employees in the count room until the drop proceeds have been accepted into the cage or main bank/vault accountability.

(D) Before conducting the count, the casino operator shall ensure that:

(1) All counting machines are tested to assure accuracy. The test procedures employed shall be conducted by the count team who shall document the process performed. The test documentation shall be signed by all count team members and included in the final count paperwork that is forwarded to the accounting department; and

(2) The count team alerts the surveillance department that the count is about to begin.

(E) Any variances in the count room with the counting machine shall be reported to the commission immediately. Each variance shall be investigated by the casino operator and the investigation documentation and results shall be submitted to the commission in writing.

(F) All members of the count team shall attest in writing to their participation in the count and the results of their participation.

(G) All drop proceeds that were counted shall be turned over to a cage cashier who shall be independent of the count team. Before having access to the documentation of the funds counted by the soft count team, the cage cashier shall conduct a bulk count of the soft count drop and then compare the bulk count to the soft count documentation or a transfer sheet. All differences shall be reconciled before the cage cashier and count team leave the count room.

(H) The cage cashier shall attest in writing to accepting the funds and transporting the funds to the cashier's cage.

(I) The count sheet, with all supporting documents, shall be delivered to the accounting department by a count team member or a licensed person independent of the cashier's cage department. Alternatively, the count sheet and supporting documents may be adequately secured via a locked canister or other device to which only accounting personnel can gain access until retrieved by the accounting department.

Effective: 10/1/2016
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 12/21/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3772.03
Rule Amplifies: 3772.03
Prior Effective Dates: 5/12/12; 12/21/13