3772-9-13 Redemption kiosks.

(A) Redemption kiosks are devices that accept redeemable ticket vouchers issued from electronic gaming equipment for cash.

(B) Redemption kiosks and associated components shall meet the commission's approved technical standards.

(C) All aspects of a redemption kiosk, including all hardware and software utilized therein, shall be subject to testing by the commission or an independent testing laboratory, and review and approval by the commission prior to its implementation by a licensee and following implementation, prior to any changes thereto, or at any other time the commission deems appropriate, the cost for which shall be borne by the licensee.

(D) Redemption kiosk cash compartment access shall be controlled by a keyed lock. Access to such compartments shall require the presence of both a member of security and another department as designated by the casino operator.

(E) The redemption kiosk's communication controller electronics, components housing the communication program storage media (CPSM), interface ports, and the communication board for the validation system shall:

(1) Reside within its own locked compartment area with its own locking door; and

(2) Include a security system, device, or protocol acceptable to the commission that identifies unauthorized alterations to the kiosk's control program and/or critical memory. The kiosk will cease operation upon detection of unauthorized alterations.

(F) The keys to the redemption kiosk's main doors, as well as the logic door shall be sensitive keys.

(G) Each redemption kiosk shall have the ability to validate the software. This can be accomplished by the medium being removed and authenticated by an approved third-party device, or having an interface port for an approved third-party device to authenticate the media.

(H) Surveillance shall be notified by security before a redemption kiosk is emptied or filled. A member of security shall escort the cash to or from the cage.

(I) The maximum ticket value that can be paid out by a redemption kiosk will be detailed in the casino operator's internal controls. Any ticket valued at above the maximum determined amount must be redeemed at a cashier's cage. A redemption kiosk must automatically cease operation if it contains insufficient cash to redeem any ticket inserted up to the maximum payout limit and the ticket shall be returned to the patron. Kiosks will be returned to an imprest amount after the reconciliation period as established in the casino operator's internal controls.

(J) Any drop of a redemption kiosk other than the regularly scheduled drop shall be considered an emergency drop and shall be conducted according to the casino operator's emergency slot machine drop procedures.

(K) Each redemption kiosk shall be continuously monitored and recorded by a fixed surveillance camera.

(L) Each person who accesses the redemption kiosk for any of the following reasons shall make an entry on the log, as required in paragraph (D) of rule 3772-10-08 of the Administrative Code:

(1) Service and repairs;

(2) Clearing stacker and canister jams;

(3) Tilt resets;

(4) Canister fills;

(5) Drops;

(6) Troubleshooting error conditions; and

(7) Redemption kiosk test activity.

(M) Any changes to a redemption kiosk including programming, software, location, and repairs will be done in conformity with Chapter 3772-9 of this rule.

(N) Generation and monitoring of the following reports by a redemption kiosk for the reconciliation period will be required, which may be by gaming day, shift, or other schedule as approved by the commission:

(1) A ticket voucher transaction report which details:

(a) Disposition, as paid, partially paid, or unpaid, of ticket vouchers accepted by a redemption kiosk;

(b) Ticket voucher validation number;

(c) Date and time of redemption;

(d) Amount requested; and

(e) Amount dispensed.

(2) A reconciliation report which details:

(a) Date and time;

(b) Unique asset identification number of the electronic gaming equipment;

(c) Total amount of cash in the currency and coin cassettes;

(d) Total number of bills accepted by denomination;

(e) Total amount of ticket vouchers accepted; and

(f) Total count of ticket vouchers accepted.

(3) A ticket voucher and currency storage box report which details the following data whenever a storage box is removed from the redemption kiosk:

(a) Date and time;

(b) Unique asset identification number of the electronic gaming device;

(c) Unique identification number for each storage box in the redemption kiosk;

(d) Total amount of currency dispensed;

(e) Total number of bills dispensed by denomination;

(f) Total amount of ticket vouchers accepted; and

(g) Total count of ticket vouchers accepted.

(4) A transaction history report which includes the date, time, amount, and disposition of each complete and incomplete transaction.

(O) Any variance in a redemption kiosk that exceeds five hundred dollars shall be reported to the commission and investigated by the casino operator licensee. The findings of the investigation shall be forwarded to the commission.

Effective: 12/21/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 10/03/2013 and 12/21/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: R.C. 3772.03, 3772.033
Rule Amplifies: R.C. 3772.03
Prior Effective Dates: 12/22/2012