3773-2-11 Ring and ringside specifications.

(A) The ring must be not less than eighteen feet square and not more than twenty-four feet square within the ropes. The ring floor must extend at least eighteen inches beyond the ropes and corner posts must not be closer than eighteen inches to the ring ropes. The ring floor must be padded with matting of thickness, softness and resiliency approved by the commission or its representative. Padding must extend beyond the ring ropes and over the edge of the platform, with a top covering of canvas, duck or similar material tightly stretched and laced to the ring platform. Material that tends to gather in lumps or ridges will not be approved.

(B) The ring platform must not be more than five feet above the floor of the building, and must be provided with steps for use by contestants. Corner posts must be of metal and not more than three inches in diameter, extending from the floor of the building to a height of fifty-eight inches above the ring floor, and properly padded.

(C) There must be four ring ropes not less than one inch in diameter and wrapped in a soft material. The lower rope must be eighteen inches above the ring floor.

(D) Ring apron seating on all four sides of the ring shall be exclusively controlled by the commission and no person shall be permitted to be seated or have access without the approval of the commission, executive director or inspector. The commission's control of the apron is for the purpose of providing for appropriate control of the event including participant, staff, and audience safety, ensuring that only those officials assigned by the commission are seated at the apron and ensuring that adequate seating for working officials is available. Apron seating not designated by the commission, executive director, or inspector may be utilized as desired by the promoter.

(E) The following shall be provided at ringside for all matches:

(1) Three stool forjudges, in such a location and at a height that will allow them a clear and unobstructed view of the ring.

(2) Two seats next to each other for the timer and knockdown timekeeper in a neutral position and in such location and height that they have full visual contact with the referee and have unobstructed access to the bell.

(3) Seat(s) for the physician(s) should be in such location and height that they have full visual contact with the referee and be positioned nearest to the corner where the steps are located for immediate access into the ring.

(4) A seat for the second referee for the event

(5) A disposable container shall be placed in each contestant's corner, to discard rubber gloves, bandages and swabs or any other possible contaminating materials.

(F) No match shall begin or continue unless three judges, the timekeeper, knockdown timekeeper, and at least one physician are located in their designated seats and the referee is in the ring.

(G) Promoters must have the ringside area roped-off separating the first row of seats from the ringside tables and provide a walkway behind the ringside tables and the ropes. The promoter must provide security in this area to assure no unauthorized persons are inside the roped-off area. There must be at least one commissioned uniformed police officer present during the event

(H) A separate area other than at ringside should be designated for the press

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