Lawriter - OAC - 3773-2-19 Rules for Ohio all state championship contests.

3773-2-19 Rules for Ohio all state championship contests.

(A) A championship may only be won in a contest for which a promoter has obtained an Ohio license to promote as prescribed in the Administrative Code. The promoter of an Ohio state championship contest shall be responsible for the purchase of the championship belt to be presented to the winner of the contest. The belt shall clearly show the weight division for which it was won and must also show it is for a championship for the state of Ohio. A sketch or photo of the belt shall be submitted with the application for permit and approved by the commission before a permit is issued. A contestant who holds a belt for winning the championship shall present the belt to the commission representative before defending the title. If the champion wins they shall retain the championship belt. If the champion loses the title the promoter will supply a new championship belt to the new champion.

(B) A promoter shall not advertise a state championship contest without obtaining approval from the commission or executive director beforehand.

(C) The champion of the state must defend the championship title within six months of winning the title and every six months thereafter, for the purpose of defending the title, against a challenger-contender in their own weight class. If the champion does not defend the title or cannot defend the title for physical reasons that are permanent, the commission shall forfeit the championship and declare the title vacant. In the case of a champion not defending the title within six months due to illness or injury other than permanent, they shall submit to the commission, a physician's report stating the illness or injury and an estimated time as to when they will be able to defend their title. It will be at the discretion of the commission after considering the physician's report as to the length of time the extension will be permitted.

(D) If a state champion of any weight division achieves the status of champion with any world organization, the state champion shall relinquish the title they are retaining in Ohio and that title will become vacant.

(E) If a state championship contest is declared a draw, the championship shall be retained by the defending present champion. In the case of a vacant title where there is no champion and the contest is declared a draw. .

(F) For each defense of a championship title, the champion and challenger shall be at the weight required for the division in which the title is being defended or fought. Once a state championship contest has been approved by the executive director and sanctioned by the Ohio athletic commission, both contestants shall make the weight required for the weight class in which they are competing.

(G) In order to be eligible to participate in an Ohio championship contest, a contestant shall be a current resident of Ohio or a resident of any of the states which border the state of Ohio, those being Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. .

(H) In a state championship contest, there must be no less than eight scheduled rounds for a professional boxing event.

(I) New gloves not previously worn must be supplied for both contestants for all state title bouts . Gloves must be approved by executive director or inspector.

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