3773-2-25 Gloves: requirements and replacements during a contest.

(A) Gloves must have the distal portion of the thumb attached to the body of the glove so as to minimize the possibility of injury to the opponents eye.

(B) A contestant weighing one hundred forty-seven pounds or less shall wear eight ounce gloves. A contestant weighing more than one hundred forty-seven pounds shall wear ten ounce gloves. Any contestant making their professional debut shall be required to wear ten ounce gloves.

(C) Gloves must be examined by the inspector, commission representative or referee. If padding in any of the gloves is found to be misplaced or lumpy or if any glove is found to be imperfect, the glove must be changed before the start of the contest. No breaking, roughing, or twisting of gloves is permitted.

(D) The gloves for every contest that is designated as a main event must be new and furnished by the promoter and made to fit the hands of the contestants.

(E) If gloves used in the preliminary contests have been used before, they must be whole, clean and in sanitary condition. The gloves are subject to inspection by the referee, inspector or other commission representative, if a glove is found unfit it must be replaced with a glove that meets the requirements of this rule.

(F) Each promoter must have an extra set of gloves of the appropriate weight and style available to be used in case a glove is broken or otherwise damaged during the course of the contest.

(G) Both contestants shall use the same weight, brand and model of gloves for their contest unless specified in their bout contract.

(H) New gloves never previously worn must be supplied for both contestants for all title bouts including state title bouts. Gloves must be approved by executive director or inspector.

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