3773-6-01 Qualification of participants for tough person contest.

(A) All contestants must be eighteen years of age and shall have photo identification.

(B) All contestants names must be submitted to the Ohio athletic commission office forty-eight hours prior to the event.

(C) Contestants shall not have any previous professional experience in boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing or any physical contact sport.

(D) Contestant shall not have accumulated a total of six or more wins in amateur boxing; tough person; mixed martial arts or any other physical contact sport in any jurisdiction within the last five years.

(E) Contestant may not have won the championship in any military service, golden gloves, elimination tournament or any other physical contact sport.

(F) Contestants must sign a waiver form acknowledging items (C, D, E and F) prior to participating.

(G) All contestants shall be matched within their weight classification as approved by the commission.

Weight classes

Lightweight 100 to 130 lbs
Middleweight 131 to 160 lbs
Light Heavyweight 161 to 185 lbs
Heavyweight 186 to 215 lbs
Super Heavyweight 216 and above

(H) Weigh in procedures:

(1) All contestants must weigh-in and compete throughout the tournament in the weight class where they originally make weight.

(2) Contestants may weigh-in the day prior to the start of the tournament but must weigh-in again within eight hours of the start of the first night. Contestants in the lightweight and middleweight classes may not be more than six pounds heavier than they weighed the evening prior. Contestants in the light heavyweight and heavyweight class may not be more than ten pounds heavier than they weighed in the evening prior.

(3) Contestant who do not chose to weigh-in the day prior must compete in the weight class where their weight is first recorded.

(4) If the tournament is scheduled for more than three consecutive days contestant must weigh in again after the third day, before competing again in the same event.

(5) Contestants may not lose more than three pounds in one hour after weighing in the first time. This includes any second day weigh-in. Contestants may check their weight as many times as needed within this one hour period.

(I) All contestants that are thirty-five years old or older must comply with all the above regulations, all physical requirements and may only participate against opponents that are also thirty-five years or older. This will be classified as the senior division.

(J) All participants shall be licensed according to the Ohio athletic commission license procedures. There shall be only two licensed seconds per contestant. Seconds will be selected by promoters and approved by the commission. Only a commissioner executive director or inspector who shall attend the contests may approve or deny an application for a license of any participant.

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