3773-7-15 Promoter's responsibilities.

(A) Must have surety bond in the amount of twenty thousand dollars for the event coverage and two thousand five hundred for the treasurer of the state of Ohio and be licensed as a mixed martial arts promoter.

(B) Bout agreements.

(1) The bout agreement between a promoter and a contestant must be executed on a form provided by the Ohio athletic commission. All information including name and address of contestant must be included.

(2) A bout agreement which provides that a contestant must fight exclusively for one promoter or at the option of the promoter is prohibited for amateur contestants.

(C) Must submit permit for event that includes: date of the event, starting time of event, admission charges, location of event that includes venue name, street address and city, promoter's name, address and phone number.

(D) Upon approval of permit all contestants and their opponents names must be submitted to MMA LLC the recognized national database for approval of their bout by executive director or commission. All professional contestants names must be submitted in time to be presented at commission meeting for approval.

(E) All required medicals must be in the commission office five days prior to the event. This includes all required blood work or eye examinations. No medicals will be accepted at an event.

(F) Event insurance must be submitted no later than seventy-two hours prior to the date of the event.

(G) Cancellation of any event must be done within seventy two hours of the date of the event or the promoter will be required to pay all officials pay.

(H) All contestants must have a national mixed martial arts identification card or get one issued to them prior to competing.

(I) Must have a separate divider between ring, cage or fenced area and fans. This must be approved by the inspector or commission representative. If not a solid barrier then a uniformed officer must be present at the ring, cage or fenced area.

(J) Must follow all ticket and tax rules as defined in agency 3773 of the Administrative Code.

(K) Must have event insurance coverage in the amount of ten thousand dollars in case of injury and ten thousand dollars in case of a death. No contestant may waive the insurance coverage. Further, contestants are not responsible for any deductible payments.

(L) No event may start without the presence a licensed medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine present at ringside or cage side and an ambulance with medical personnel on site.

(M) The executive director or the Ohio athletic commission shall assign all officials for all mixed martial arts events.

(N) Must supply the contestants gloves used at the event. They must be approved by the inspector or commission representative. New gloves must be provided for any title bout.

(O) Have disposable garbage bags in each dressing room and at ringside.

(P) Have cleaning solution used to clean blood and debris in the cage or ring. A solution of ten per cent bleach and ninety percent water is an acceptable solution.

(Q) Must provide security with at least one commissioned police officer.

(R) All events must start on the time designated on permit.

(S) Must comply with all rules and regulations relating to promoting events defined in agency 3773 of the Administrative Code.

(T) Zuffa inc (UFC) has the exclusive patented copyright for using an eight sided cage to conduct a mixed martial arts event.

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