3773-7-19 Suspensions and mandatory rest period.

(A) Sixty day suspension for a knockout "KO".

(B) Thirty day suspension for a technical knockout "TKO".

(1) Referee stoppage from submission or choke hold prior to verbal commitment or tap out.

(2) Referee stoppage from strikes prior to verbal commitment or tap out.

(C) Throwing the mouthpiece into the audience during or after the event will result in a suspension of no more than sixty days. This would be in addition to any other suspension that contestant may have received.

(D) Physician's suspension:

(1) Whatever length of time the physician designates after post fight check-up that will allow sufficient time for contestant to be physically able to compete.

(2) Until any medical requirements issued by a physician are successfully submitted and approved for release by executive director or commission.

(3) Failure to report or comply with post fight examination by the attending physician or their representative will result in a suspension of no more than six months.

(E) Without a release from the executive director or commission a contestant may not compete until seven days have elapsed from their last bout. The seven day period starts the day following the event in which they competed.

(F) If a contestant is listed on "Fight fax," MMA LC or any state or tribal athletic commission suspension lists recognized by the Ohio athletic commission.

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