4101:14-1-07 Mechanical operation and maintenance.

(A) Mechanical operation:

All passenger tramways shall be operated within the design limits specified by the manufacturer, and the standards set forth in "ANSI B 77.1 -2006". No passenger tramway shall be in service unless all devices which affect the control of the passenger tramway itself are operational and in compliance with "ANSI B 77.1 -2006," including auxiliary drive systems.

(B) Maintenance:

The maintenance record requirements provided in "ANSI B 77.1 -2006," sections 3.3. 5.3, 4.3. 5.3, 5.3. 5.36.3. 5.3 ; and 7.3. 5.2 ; respectively, apply to all operators subject to these regulations. The inspector may, upon request by the board, review such records upon ten days notice during business hours (nine a.m. to five p.m. weekdays).

Effective: 04/26/2007
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