Lawriter - OAC - 4101:6-1-09 Filling description.

4101:6-1-09 Filling description.

The purpose of rules 4101:6-1-09 to 4101:6-1-17 of the Administrative Code is to designate terms, definitions, and nomenclature as commonly used and recognized in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of upholstered furniture, bedding and stuffed toys. Classifications of materials are intended to have understandable meaning to the ultimate consumer. The definitions are in conformity with those adopted by the majority of the states in the nation. It is hereby declared to be the direction, policy, and intent of the Ohio department of commerce to adopt and promote these terms, definitions, and nomenclature. Each of the following terms shall be used where appropriate:

(A) "Felt" means fiber that has been garnetted or carded in layer form. This term cannot be used when batting, felt scraps, or clippings are stuffed or blown in the same manner as unfelted materials. Nor may this term be used for materials which have been felted but are not readily distinguishable from unfelted material. The use of the term "batting," instead of "felt" is permissible.

(B) "Fiber" means any natural or synthetic substance composed of thread-like tissue.

(C) "Pad" means any material interwoven, punched, pressed, or molded into a flexible, padded form.

(D) "Napper" means the lint removed during the process of raising the face of a cloth.

(E) "Card," "strips," or "stripping" means the fibrous by-product produced by or removed from the carding cloth following the carding process.

(F) "Comber" means the fibrous by-product removed during the combing process.

(G) "Fly" means the fibrous by-product removed from the machines during carding, drawing, or other textile operations.

(H) "Noils" means the short fibers removed during the combing process.

(I) "Pickers," "picker motes," or "motes" means the fibrous by-products resulting from the opening and cleaning of fiber in the opener room of a textile mill.

(J) "Sweepings" means the fibrous sweepings from textile mills.

(K) "Shedded clippings" means materials reclaimed from any yarn, fabric, or product by shredding, cutting, tearing, grinding, or breaking. The white "all new material" label shall be used for shredded clippings; the red-bordered "secondhand material" label shall be used for secondhand shredded clippings.

(L) "Garnetted clippings" means material that has been made into thread, yarn, or fabric and subsequently reduced to a fibrous state and processed through a garnetting machine.

(M) "Textile fibers of unknown kind" means new material consisting of a variety of fibers that has been reduced to a fibrous state.

(N) "Textile fibers of undetermined origin" means new material consisting of a variety of fibers which has been reduced to a fibrous state.

(O) "Nonwoven fiber sheet" means new material consisting of a variety of fibers which has been pressed or molded into a thin sheet -- like form.

(P) "Gravel" means a loose mixture of peddles and rock fragments courser than sand.

(Q) "Sawdust" means minute particles of wood resulting as a by-product of sawing wood.

(R) "Plastic" means any of various nonmetallic compounds, synthetically produced, which can be molded into various forms and hardened for commercial use.

(S) "By-product" means anything produced in the course of making another thing.

(T) "Molded" means having a certain shape of form produced while in a plastic or molten state by use of a mold.

(U) "Pieces" means parts of fragments broken or separated from the whole.

(V) "Beads" means small usually round objects such as glass, wood, metal, and so on.

(W) "Pellets" means a small ball or rounded mass.

(X) "Cracked corn" means the seed of maize (corn) that has been passed through a machine that breaks the kernel apart.

(Y) "Soy beans" means the seed of the soy plant.

(Z) "Turnip seeds" means the seeds of the turnip plant.

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