Lawriter - OAC - 4101:6-1-14 Wool fillers.

4101:6-1-14 Wool fillers.

(A) Definitions:

(1) "Wool felt" means the product obtained when one or more of the wool products defined under paragraphs (A)(2), (A)(3), and (A)(4) of this rule has been carded in layers or sheets by a garnett or felting machine. The term blended wool felt" may be used when the one type of material, as specified in this paragraph, is used.

(2) "wool" and/or "virgin wool" means the fleece of the sheep or lamb, which has been scoured, or scoured and carbonized. It shall not be the by-product of any manufacturing process; nor shall it have sustained prior use. It shall be free from kemp and vegetable matter.

(3) Optional for those manufacturers who want to use, and get credit for using a finer quality of wool. "choice wool" and/or "choice virgin wool" means wool and/or virgin wool, as defined in paragraph (A)(2) of this rule, that is "one-fourth blood" (48's) or finer in grade, according to the United States standards for grades of wool, and shall be natural or bleached white in color. The fibers shall be reasonably uniform in length, viz., they shall contain no admixture of short wool fibers. The term "choice wool" and/or "choice virgin wool" may not be used in describing component parts of wool blends or mixtures.

(4) "Wool by-products" means the by-products removed from the various machine operations necessary in the manufacture of wool yarn up to but not including the process of spinning, and shall include the following materials commonly known in wool mill terms as (A) "noils," and (B) "fulling flocks." Either the blanket term "wool-by-products" or the individual terms "wool noils," etc., may be used on the law label.

(5) "Wool waste" means all other by-products and waste from any manufacturing process employing only new wool fibers and includes wool pills and shank and tag wools.

(6) "Tanners wool" means wool reclaimed from tanned sheepskin.

(B) Labeling:

(1) Wool blends or mixtures: When two or more of the materials listed under paragraph (A) of this rule are used in a product, they shall be described on the label as required under paragraph (A) of this rule in order of their predominance.

(2) Tolerance: Material which contain not less than ninety-five per cent wool shall be considered wool.

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