Lawriter - OAC - 4101:6-1-15 Foam and rubber fillers.

4101:6-1-15 Foam and rubber fillers.

(A) Definitions:

The following terms shall be used with the appropriate foam or sponge products when applicable:

(1) "Shredded": This term shall be used when any foam product has been shredded.

(2) "Cemented": This term shall be used when any foam product has been cemented together.

(3) "Molded": This term shall be used when a foam product has been molded in the form intended for use.

(4) "Pieces": This term shall be used to describe pieces of unshredded foam waste from production or trimmings from cutting sheets or shapes.

(5) "Imperfect": This term shall be used when any foam products shows major manufacturing imperfections and is sold as other than first quality material.

(B) "Rubber" means natural rubber as well as any of the following synthetic rubber-like materials: Chloroprene, styrene-butadiene copolymers, butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymers, polymerized isobutylene, with or without comonomers present, and thioplasts (any of the polysulfide rubber consisting of organic radicals linked through sulfur).

(C) "Rubber fiber" means a fiber composed of natural or synthetic rubber.

(D) "Foam rubber" means the foam-like product made from white liquid rubber latex, either natural or synthetic, as defined above, which has not undergone previous use or processing.

(E) "Sponge rubber" means crude rubber expanded into a cellular state.

(F) "Synthetic foam" means the foam made from the polymerization product of certain organic chemicals. It includes the following chemical types:

(1) "Urethane foam" means a foam made from polymerized reaction product whose basic ingredient is a diisocyanate, and whose molecular structure contains, as a predominating structural unit, the urethane linkage. It shall include both polyether and polyester type foams.

(2) "Polystyrene foam" means a foam made from a polymerization product of styrene monomers.

(3) "Vinyl foam" means a foam made from homopolymers or copolymers of vinyl chloride.

(4) Either the blanket term "Synthetic foam" or the individual terms "Urethane foam," etc., may be used for these materials. The term "rubber" may not be used in conjunction with these materials.

(5) "Polyurethane foam" means a permissible synonymous term for urethane foam.

(6) "Polyethylene foam" means a polyester resin made from ethylene glycol and terephtholic acid.

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