4101:9-2-07 Occupations involved in the manufacture of chemicals.

All occupations involved in the manufacture, distribution or use of the following chemicals or chemical compounds: fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, and herbicides are prohibited for minors under eighteen years of age.


(A) "Fertilizers" are artificial substances manufactured to be applied to the soil to increase fertility of vegetation.

(B) "Fungicides" are any poisonous substances that kill fungi or check the growth of spores.

(C) "Insecticides" are poisonous substances sprayed or dusted upon the soil or vegetation to kill or prevent the propagation of insect pests.

(D) "Rodenticides" are any poisonous substances that are used for killing rodents.

(E) "Herbicides" are any chemical substances used to kill or check the growth of plants.

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