4101:9-2-18 Maritime and longshoreman occupations.

All maritime and longshoreman occupations are prohibited for minors under eighteen years of age.


(A) "Maritime occupations" mean any employment on a ship, tug, barge, or other vessel; in the operation and repair of such vessels, and in the loading and unloading of such vessels. "Maritime occupations" are not necessarily a maritime service because it is rendered upon the high seas, a river, or other navigable water. To be a "maritime occupation", there must be a relation to commerce or navigation and a connection with a ship, tug, barge or other vessel employed in trade.

(B) "Longshoreman occupations" are those jobs where one works in the loading and unloading of ships, tugs, barges, or other vessels.

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Prior Effective Dates: 4/17/1979