Lawriter - OAC - 4101:9-2-19 Railroad occupations.

4101:9-2-19 Railroad occupations.

All occupations in or about a railroad are prohibited for minors under eighteen years of age.


(A) The term "railroad" means a transportation facility operating on rails and engaged in the transportation of freight and passengers for substantial distances and making stops at regular stations for the receipt and discharge of freight and passengers. The term "railroad" includes any tracks laid on, along, or under the streets of a municipality even though used primarily for the accomodation of passengers going from one point to another in such municipality or to and from the suburbs.

(B) The term "occupation in or about a railroad" includes, but is not limited to, brakemen, conductors, engineers, firemen, motormen, track and line crews, and any worker in a railroad shop.

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