4123 Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Chapter 4123-1 Notice Procedure.

Chapter 4123-3 Claims Procedure.

Chapter 4123-5 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Chapter 4123-6 Health Partnership Program.

Chapter 4123-7 Payments to Health Care Providers.

Chapter 4123-9 General Policy of the Bureau and General Organization of Bureau Offices.

Chapter 4123-10 Accessing Confidential Personal Information.

Chapter 4123-14 Noncomplying Employer.

Chapter 4123-15 Code of Ethics.

Chapter 4123-16 Personal Information Systems.

Chapter 4123-17 General Rating for the State Insurance Fund.

Chapter 4123-18 Rehabilitation of Injured and Disabled Workers.

Chapter 4123-19 General Procedures for State Insurance Fund; Self-Insuring Employers.

Chapter 4123-20 Marine Industry Fund.

Chapter 4123-21 Coal-Workers' Pneumoconiosis Fund.