Lawriter - OAC - 4123:1-1-04 Operating characteristics of the elevator.

4123:1-1-04 Operating characteristics of the elevator.

(A) Reserved.

(B) Reserved.

(C) Between inspections by or on behalf of the authorized public agency, the employer shall promptly correct any operational deficiency that becomes evident in any one of the following controls, gates, devices or interlocks:

(1) The automatic controls that prevent the car from leaving the landing until the car and hoistway doors are closed;

(2) The semi-automatic gates that open and close at the hoistway landings;

(3) The reopening device activating automatic car and hoistway doors that prevent injury to an employee whose body or limb is interposed between the closing doors or door and jamb;

(4) The hoistway door interlocks that operate to remain closed at all times when the car is away from the landing and that operate to prevent the hoistway doors from being opened from outside the hoistway while the car is away from the landing;

(5) The leveling device that levels the car at the landing;

(6) The devices that prevent movement of the car in either direction while it is standing at the landing;

(7) The rubber beading or molding (astragal) on biparting doors.

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