Lawriter - OAC - 4123:1-7-02 Floors and pits.

4123:1-7-02 Floors and pits.

(A) General requirements.

(1) All floors and pits where molten metal is handled shall be kept free from puddles of liquid.

(2) Floors adjoining industrial tracks at the cross-over point shall be approximately flush with the top of the track rails.

(3) Pig holes in the floor shall be guarded. Pig molds and receiving stations for excess molten metal from ladles shall be located in such a manner as to maintain a clear passageway.

(B) Ladle pits.

(1) Pits for metal and slag ladles at melting equipment shall be kept clean and dry.

(2) Ladle pits shall have no less than one foot of clearance over the greatest overall dimension of the ladle.

(3) Employees shall not be required to be in pits used for metal or slag ladles while metal or slag is being poured into the ladle.

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