4123:1-7-05 Ladles.

(A) General.

(1) Ladles shall be thoroughly dry before use.

(2) Powered monorail ladles, cars, trucks and cranes used to transport molten metal ladles shall be equipped with audible or visual warning devices which shall be used whenever molten metal is being transported.

(3) An audible or visual warning device shall be used when a manually operated monorail ladle, transporting molten metal, crosses an intersecting passageway.

(B) Tilting (lip-pouring) ladles.

(1) Tilting ladles exceeding two thousand pounds capacity shall be of the gear-operated type.

(2) All mechanically or electrically operated tilting ladles shall be equipped with a suitable locking device or brake to prevent overturning or uncontrolled sway.

(3) The refractory rim or lip on hand or bull ladles shall be no more than one-half inch above the top of the metal shell, unless the refractory ladle lining is one and one-half inch thick or more at the rim, in which case the maximum height shall be one inch.

(C) Bottom pouring.

A pig or holding ladle shall be so positioned as to receive hot metal should the stopper malfunction or fail to fully shut off the metal flow.

(D) Ladle additions.

(1) Moist metal shall not be added to molten metal.

(2) Iron in a ladle shall not be treated with magnesium or its alloys while the ladle is suspended from a hoist or crane unless the cables are shielded.

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Rule Amplifies: 4121.47
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