4123-16-06 Maintenance of personal information which is accurate, relevant, timely and complete.

(A) Employees who use a personal information system shall monitor the contents of the records and report to the privacy officer the existence of personal information which appears inaccurate, irrelevant, untimely or incomplete.

(B) The privacy officer shall keep a record of the reported incidence of error in each personal information system. If it appears the reported errors are characteristic of the system as a whole, the privacy officer shall establish procedures to correct existing records and record-keeping methods.

(C) In order to maintain personal information which is accurate, relevant, timely and complete, employees of the bureau shall:

(1) Verify the accuracy of personal information which does not appear reasonable or is doubtful, vague, or inconsistent.

(2) Correct inaccurate personal information.

(3) Limit the collection and maintenance of subjective personal information to only that information which is required to accomplish the purpose of the system and, when feasible, verify such information.

(4) When feasible, collect personal information from the data subject rather than a third-party source or verify with the data subject information provided by a third party.

(5) Not include in, or allow to remain in, a personal information system personal information known to be inaccurate, untimely, unnecessary, or irrelevant.

(6) Update personal information systems which provide an historical account or for which an outcome is anticipated.

(7) Make no determination based on personal information in a personal information system if the data is known or suspected to be incomplete.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 05/08/2013 and 07/01/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4121.12, 4121.121
Rule Amplifies: 1347.05
Prior Effective Dates: 3/15/82, 10/14/02