4123-17-12 Catastrophe claims.

(A) A "catastrophe" is defined as an occurrence in which two or more employees of one employer are killed or receive injuries resulting in permanent and total disability.

(B) "Catastrophe cost" is defined as the total medical, compensation, and other costs, including reserves for future compensation costs, as a direct result of a catastrophe.

(C) Catastrophe cost in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars shall not be included in the experience of a classification or of an employer.

(D) Catastrophe cost in excess of the catastrophe value from part A of the merit-rated credibility table in effect for the retrospective policy year shall not be included in the annual evaluation or final settlement of that retrospective policy year.

(E) Notwithstanding the provisions of this rule, the administrator may consider any special circumstances which may affect the determination of a catastrophe loss.

Replaces rule 4121-7-12; Eff 8-19-77; 7-1-78; 7-1-79; 7-1-80; 7-1-81; 7-1-82; 7-1-84; 7-1-89; 7-1-90; 7-1-91
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 4121.121 , 4121.13 , 4121.30
Rule amplifies: RC 4123.29 , 4123.34