4123-6-39 Payment for prosthetic device or other artificial appliances.

(A) In all cases arising under division (B) of section 4123.57 of the Revised Code, if a claimant requires the purchase or repair of an artificial appliance, as determined by any one of the following:

(1) the amputee clinic at the Ohio state university medical center;

(2) the rehabilitation services commission;

(3) a multidisciplinary amputee clinic or prescribing physician approved by the administrator or the administrator's designee, the bureau shall pay the cost of purchasing or repairing the artificial appliance out of the surplus fund. The purchase or repair is made regardless of whether the appliance is part of the claimant's vocational rehabilitation, or if the claimant has, or will ever be able, to return to work.

(B) The bureau is responsible for processing requests for prosthetics and travel expenses associated with the prosthetic in all self-insured claims. When a prosthetic device is needed in a self-insured claim, the provider will send a request for the prosthetic and/or request for repair, as well as the subsequent bills, to the bureau.

Effective: 02/01/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/17/2009 and 11/01/2014
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4121.12, 4121.121, 4121.30, 4121.31, 4121.44,
4121.441, 4123.05, 4123.66 Rule Amplifies: 4121.121, 4121.44, 4121.441, 4121.61, 4123.57,
4123.66 Prior Effective Dates: 2/12/97, 2/14/05