Lawriter - OAC - 4123:1-1-05 Operation of the elevator.

4123:1-1-05 Operation of the elevator.

(A) Reserved.

(B) Reserved.

(C) No elevator shall be subjected to loads at any time in excess of its rated load as specified on the capacity plate, except where the elevator is designed and installed to carry one-piece loads greater than the rated load. Such one-piece loads may be carried in such elevator pursuant to the design specifications, but the design weight shown on the applicable capacity plate shall not be exceeded.

(D) Loads shall not be carried on top of or beneath the elevator car nor shall loads be carried that protrude over or below the car.

(E) No operator shall be required to remain on the elevator car while freight is being loaded on it.

(F) Freight elevators shall not be used to carry passengers, except employees in the pursuit of their duties and having the permission of the employer.

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