4141 Department of Job and Family Services

Chapter 4141-1 Employer Defined

Chapter 4141-3 Employment

Chapter 4141-5 Excluded Employment and Services

Chapter 4141-7 Coverage by Election

Chapter 4141-9 Wages and Remuneration

Chapter 4141-11 Reports and Payments

Chapter 4141-13 Refunds; Corrected Determinations

Chapter 4141-15 Contribution Rates

Chapter 4141-16 Disclosure of Information

Chapter 4141-17 Successorship

Chapter 4141-19 Filing of Documents, Reports, Appeals

Chapter 4141-21 Application for Reconsideration

Chapter 4141-23 Records of Employers

Chapter 4141-25 Employer Notices and Reports

Chapter 4141-27 Application for Benefits

Chapter 4141-28 Labor Dispute Cases

Chapter 4141-29 Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 4141-30 Separation Pay and Pension Benefits

Chapter 4141-31 Interstate Claims

Chapter 4141-32 Seasonal Status

Chapter 4141-35 Benefit Charges

Chapter 4141-36 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans

Chapter 4141-37 Reimbursing Employer

Chapter 4141-43 Exchange and Disclosure of Information

Chapter 4141-48 Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance for Older Workers Program