4141-3-06 Temporary services agencies.

(A) For the purposes of Chapter 4141. of the Revised Code, "temporary services agency" means any entity that, as part of its trade or business, provides individuals to unrelated third party clients to perform services on a temporary basis and derives revenue or otherwise benefits from providing such individuals.

(B) "Unrelated third party clients " are entities unrelated to, or not sharing common ownership, management or control with, the temporary services agency, and which are provided individuals by the temporary services agency to perform services on a temporary basis.

(C) Individuals provided by temporary service agencies to unrelated third parties to perform services under agreement between such unrelated third parties and temporary services agencies are in employment with the temporary service agencies until separated from employment with such temporary service agencies.

Effective: 07/22/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 05/07/2013 and 07/01/2018
Promulgated Under: 4141.14
Statutory Authority: 4141.13(A)
Rule Amplifies: 4141.01, 4141.28, 4141.29
Prior Effective Dates: 12/30/91