Lawriter - OAC - 4161-1-10 Hearing.

4161-1-10 Hearing.

(A) Transcript.

At the request of any party to the appeal a stenographic record of the testimony and any other evidence submitted shall be taken by an official court shorthand reporter at the expense of the party making request therefor.

(B) Evidence.

The admissibility of testimony and other evidence shall be passed upon by the Board pursuant to the provisions of Section 4161.15 of the Revised Code, the common law, and statutory rules of evidence.

(C) Stipulations.

Parties may by stipulation in writing in triplicate, filed with the Board or presented at the hearing, agree on any facts involved in the proceedings, but the Board may thereafter require development of any fact it deems necessary to a proper determination of a controversy.

(former 10); Eff 5-10-58
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 4161.13