4167 Public Employment Risk Reduction Program

Chapter 4167-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 4167-2 Refusal to Work.

Chapter 4167-3 Adoption of Federal Standards; Ohio Specific Safety Standards.

Chapter 4167-4 Notification to Employees.

Chapter 4167-5 Abatement; Undue Hardship.

Chapter 4167-6 Recording and Reporting Injury and Illness.

Chapter 4167-7 Variances.

Chapter 4167-8 Inspection Procedures.

Chapter 4167-9 Discrimination Against Complaining Employee.

Chapter 4167-10 Protection of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.

Chapter 4167-11 Emergency Temporary Ohio Employment Risk Reduction Standards.

Chapter 4167-13 Abatement Verification.

Chapter 4167-14 Contest of Violation.

Chapter 4167-15 Exemption Application.