4301:1-1-36 Temporary liquor permits held by not for profit entities.

(A) The not for profit entity that applies for and receives a temporary liquor permit from the division shall be the holder of the event for which the permit was granted.

(B) In accordance with paragraph (A) of this rule and pursuant to Revised Code section 4303.202, a Class F-2 liquor permit applicant may request that the permit be issued jointly to the applicant and a Class D-3, D-4, or D-5 liquor permit holder, who is to conduct the sale of beer and intoxicating liquor at the event.

(C) The not for profit entity that received the temporary permit shall direct the payment of the proceeds from the event to the purpose specified on the application, provided that the proceeds will not be directed for the profit or gain of any person.

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Statutory Authority: 4301.03
Rule Amplifies: 4301.03 , 4303.201 , 4303.202 , 4303.203 , 4303.204 , 4303.205 , 4303.206
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