4301:1-1-22 Consent for importing alcoholic beverages for resale in Ohio.

(A) No alcoholic beverages shall be imported into the state of Ohio for resale except upon the written consent of the division. Application for such consent shall be upon forms provided by the division. Consent must be granted by the division prior to said importation. The division shall not grant consent to any party if consent has already been granted to any other party, and is currently in effect. The division shall not grant consent to any supplier to import alcoholic beverages in any calendar year unless the supplier files an affidavit with the division stating that said supplier will comply with all laws of the state of Ohio and rules of the commission concerning alcoholic beverages. Violation of any of the laws or rules may be cause for suspension or revocation of the authorization to import by the commission.

(B) All alcoholic beverages imported into this state for purposes of re-sale to retail permit holders must be consigned and delivered to the warehouse of a wholesale distributor.

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Rule Amplifies: 4301.03
Prior Effective Dates: 7/5/50, 12/1/81, 9/30/85, 6/20/02