4501:1-3-32 Place of business required for motor vehicle leasing dealers.

A motor vehicle leasing dealer who makes motor vehicles available for personal, family, or household use by another in the manner described in the definition of "motor vehicle leasing dealer" contained in section 4517.01 of the Revised Code shall have an easily recognizable established place of business and meet all of the following requirements:

(A) Is separated with a permanent physical barrier, as defined in rule 4501:1-3-08 of the Administrative Code, from any residence and any other business that is not primarily related to leasing motor vehicles to any person desiring to lease a motor vehicle for personal, family, or household use, with the exception of the business operated as a new motor vehicle dealership, a used motor vehicle dealership, or a motor vehicle renting dealership, as defined in section 4549.65 of the Revised Code, located at the place of business;

(B) Has an office that is clearly identified, easily accessible, and no less than one hundred eighty square feet and shall include, at minimum, a desk, three chairs, and a filing cabinet, all of which shall be kept in a neat and orderly fashion at all times; electric lighting; and heating that is of a permanent nature and that is secure and safe for a retail office environment;

(C) Has a business telephone in service at all times that shall be answered in the name of the lending dealer. The business telephone number shall be legible and posted in a conspicuous place in public view. A motor vehicle leasing dealer shall notify the registrar in writing of any change in the business telephone number;

(D) Has a sign that displays the business name in which the application is made, is permanent, properly maintained, and prominently displayed by the entrance of the office, if the sign is not visible from the public roadway. The sign's letters identifying the business name shall be no less than six inches high;

(E) Maintain at all times the capability to send and receive electronic documents;

(F) Is open during the posted business hours. The business hours shall be legible and posted in a conspicuous place near the entrance of the office. A motor vehicle leasing dealer shall notify the registrar in writing of any change in the posted business hours;

(G) Is staffed by a sole proprietor, partner, president of a corporation, member of a limited liability company, trustee of a business trust, an equivalent natural person affiliated with some other kind of legally constituted business organization, or a licensed salesperson.

Replaces: 4501:1-3-32

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Effective: 2/27/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 08/28/2019
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: R.C. 4517.32
Rule Amplifies: R.C. 4517.02, 4517.03, 4517.06
Prior Effective Dates: 5/9/98, 7/1/09