4501:5-1-16 Publication and vehicle marking restrictions.

(A) No licensee may publish or cause to be published any advertisement, letterhead, circular, statement or phrase of any sort which suggests that the licensee is an official law enforcement or investigative agency or any other agency or instrumentality of the state of Ohio or any of its political subdivisions. This paragraph shall not be waived by the department of public safety.

(B) Any vehicle used by a licensee that is marked in any manner by the use of painted signs, decals, or other means shall not be of a design so similar to those of the local or state law enforcement authorities as to create confusion.

(1) No vehicle used by a licensee shall be marked with the words "police" or "sheriff," nor shall the word "patrol" be used in conjunction with "Ohio" or "State."

(2) The provision of paragraph (B)(1) of this rule may be waived in writing by the department of public safety.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 07/01/2009 and 07/01/2014

Promulgated Under: 119.03

Statutory Authority: R.C. 4749.02

Rule Amplifies: R.C. 4749.08

Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/70, 8/10/89, 10/7/04