Lawriter - OAC - 4501:6-2-01 Definitions.

4501:6-2-01 Definitions.

The following definitions are for purposes of this chapter:

(A) "National McGruff house network" ("NMHN") refers to the nonprofit organization that manages, supports, and provides technical assistance and training to McGruff house programs nationwide. The "NMHN" is a licensed program of the national crime prevention council ("NCPC") and is substantially funded through "NCPC" by the bureau of justice assistance, office of justice programs, and U.S. department of justice.

(B) "McGruff house program" means a program in which individuals or families volunteer to have their homes or other buildings serve as places of temporary refuge for children and to display the McGruff house symbol identifying the home or building as that type of place.

(C) "McGruff house symbol" means the symbol that is characterized by the image of "McGruff," the crime dog, and the slogan "take a bite out of crime," and that has been adopted by the national crime prevention council as the symbol of its national citizens' crime prevention campaign.

(D) "Volunteer" means anyone donating time to help make the national McGruff house program work.

(E) "Participant" means an adult whose home functions as an approved McGruff house.

(F) "Participating location" means the household, apartment, residence, or other building that has been approved as a refuge for children pursuant to the "NMHN" and office of criminal justice services rules and the Ohio Revised Code.

(G) "Program coordinator" means a volunteer who coordinates a neighborhood-wide McGruff house program.

(H) "Community coordinator" means a volunteer or paid staff member who manages several local McGruff house programs.

(I) "State coordinator" means someone who supports several community programs within a state on either a paid or volunteer basis.

(J) "Sponsoring agency" means any of the following:

(1) The board of education of any city, local, or exempted village school district;

(2) The governing board of any educational service center;

(3) The governing authority of any chartered nonpublic school;

(4) The police department of any municipal corporation, township, township police district, or joint township police district;

(5) The office of any township constable or county sheriff.

(K) "P.T.A." means parent teacher association.

(L) "Office of criminal justice services" means the office of criminal justice services in the Ohio department of public safety.

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