4501-21-12 Records, certificates of completion, & course evaluations.

[Comment: For dates and availability of material incorporated by reference in this rule, see paragraph (V) in rule 4501-21-01 of the Administrative Code.]

(A) Each remedial driving course enterprise shall keep true, accurate, and complete records pertaining to the courses taught.

(B) The records shall identify the students who took the course, the date the course was conducted and whether each student successfully completed the course.

(C) For each student, the enterprise shall complete and maintain a form prescribed by the department.

(D) Each enterprise shall maintain records regarding all training provided to its instructors and managers who are employed, if applicable.

(E) Each enterprise shall maintain a copy of all information provided to the department as part of the application process.

(F) Each enterprise shall keep any other records that the department may require as part of the remedial driving course approval process.

(G) "Certificate of completion"

(1) Every student who successfully completes a remedial driving course shall be given a "Certificate of Completion." The certificate shall be on a form prescribed by the department.

(2) The remedial driving course enterprise shall certify student participation during each required session.

(3) The remedial driving course enterprise shall certify that a "Certificate of Completion" is awarded only to a student who has successfully completed the entire remedial driving course.

(4) The remedial driving course enterprise shall institute reasonable measures to ensure the security of voided, replacement or unissued certificates .

(5) The remedial driving course enterprise shall report to the department any lost, stolen, voided, or replacement certificates or any circumstances suggesting that certificates were issued in violation of these rules. Both written and electronic notification shall be given immediately upon discovery.

(6) For a student who completes an approved adult remedial driving course that includes instruction through technology-based method(s), the classroom course provider will issue a certificate to the student upon verification of student completion of the approved eight hours of training. The certificate shall be provided by the department via the on-line certificate system.

(H) Course evaluation

(1) An enterprise shall provide students with an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on the course on an official form. The sole purpose of the course evaluations is to provide feedback to the enterprise.

(2) A remedial driving course enterprise shall collect adequate student data to enable the department to evaluate the overall effectiveness of a course in reducing the number of violations and accidents of persons who successfully complete the course. The department may determine the reporting information and format and a level of effectiveness that serves the purposes of the department.

(3) All records shall be maintained for a period of three years.

Effective: 04/17/2014
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 04/09/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: R.C. 4501.02, 4510.311, 4510.037, 4510.038 and 5502.011
Rule Amplifies: R.C. 4510.11, 4510.037, 4510.038 and 4510.02
Prior Effective Dates: 5/1/74, 6/1/00, 5/18/06 11/8/07