4501-25-01 Scope and purpose - transporting pre-school children.

(A) The standards and specifications of Chapter 4501-25 of the Administrative Code are herein adopted by the director of public safety to cover amber flashing lights and signs to be used on all vehicles transporting pre-school children pursuant to section 4513.182 of the Revised Code of Ohio.

(B) The purpose of this chapter is to provide a uniform warning system of lights and signs used by vehicles transporting pre-school children to warn motorists that pre-school children are being loaded and unloaded by this vehicle.

Eff 1-19-76; 5-22-03
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 4513.182
Rule amplifies: RC 4513.182
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/09/2009 and 03/09/2014